11/16/2022 THE EVOLUTION OF CHARLES F. PORTER II Many words I've written were lost during the transition to this new site. I apologize to all that may have found inspiration in those words and I hope that the continuation of my story will serve as inspiration as well. For those who are unaware, in a nutshell, I have been battling cancer since my stage 4 diagnosis in 2010. I am still unaware of how long I had it while undetected. In 2011 I had a stem cell transplant and since then I've undergone numerous chemo treatments, an immunotherapy trial and in January of this year, I received a CarTcell Transplant. This too was a trial and I am happy to say that it was successful. After being on a waiting list, that was extended due to Covid, I was able to receive the transplant and get into full remission for the first time in six years.  Cancer is not who I am but it certainly has shaped me into the man I have become. Before cancer I was living a face paced life, working my way throu